Tuesday, 7 August 2012

069 - Evil Baby Orphanage Kickstarter - Not Long Left!

It's now been a couple of weeks since Wyrd launched their Kickstarter appeal for their new card game Evil Baby Orphanage. As I write this the total stands at almost $96,000 which is around eighteen times the amount originally requested! There's still 7 hours before the appeal closes though, so plenty of time to hit the final stretch goal and earn everyone an Evil Baby Plushie!

I'm brand new to Kickstarter - I'd never been on the site until being linked to this project - and I've found it fascinating to browse the various innovative projects looking for funding. Some seem very worthy, others less so, but they're all doing their best to develop a dedicated community of supporters to get their project off the ground. It definitely makes you spend time wondering whether you have any seeds of ideas that could be realised through that kind of channel, and I can see myself supporting more projects in the future.

Evil Baby Orphanage itself looks very interesting to me. The concept seems like it will have the perfect blend of humour and accessibility, and the artwork we've seen so far has been dripping with character. The main game will include at least 50 babies, with more to come in two future expansions.

The rules have been released and they appear nice and straight forward, which is ideal as this is a game I can see being played with non-gamer friends and family.

The massive haul of additional gear I'll be recieving as part of the Kickstarter includes limited edition cards, a poster, a book, a carry case, a new fate deck and *three* models to use in Malifaux as alts for Kade, Candy, Copycat Killer and Desperate Mercenary (all of which I can see myself using in games!).

It's a great promotion, and there's still time to get involved and pledge before the appeal closes later tonight. Make sure to pledge at least $55 though so that you get all the extra promo goodies!

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

068 - Storm of Shadows GenCon Releases Compilation

Just wanted to throw up all the GenCon preview pictures in one place, split by faction.


Only available as a free addition to every individual order over $100 made at GenCon or from the Wyrd webstore during GenCon (August 16th - 19th).
Likely to: Be the go-to first Death Marshall model hired in every Guild crew in the future.

Even rarer - good luck getting hold of this if you're not a Henchman! Only available to some Henchman who've done a specified amount of events to support the summer Dead Heat campaign.
Likely to: Cost the GDP of a small country to buy on eBay


A kindred spirit to Papa Loco and Pere Ravage, who definitely wins the prize for bringing the most explosives
Likely to: Survive very few games

The latest species Gamin, and an unexpected one - it's great that they're all individuals too. Now taking bets for Book5... Stone Gamin? Feather Gamin? Cheese Gamin?
Likely to: Combine into the Rail Golem at the first sign of trouble

One stonking great big Metal Gamin. Basically he's a walking train, and he seems deadly.
Likely to: Be able to look Nightmare Teddy eye to eye. Then headbutt him.

Until we find out what these guys can do, they seem a little generic. Hopefully Mei Feng has some unique tricks up her sleeve. The scenic base she comes with is incredible. Yay for plastic!
Likely to: Be everyone's second choice crew after Dark Debts


Dapper Master + Gigantic Totem + Gribbly Minions = Absolutely Sublime.
Likely to: Be the crew *every* opponent uses in *every* game you play for the next few months

Ever wondered what happens when a Mindless Zombie and a squid get it on?
Likely to: Leave a slimy mess trail.

A big bouncer type, so I'm expecting him to have some bodyguard type abilities. Looks nice and beefy.
Likely to: Have synergy with Mr Tannen

If I wrote his rules, the coin rolling on the back of his hand would mean I'd design some sort of ability involving 50/50 chance. Someone else wrote his rules though, so who knows.
Likely to: Have an ability involving 50/50 probability

Could these be the first models with (1) Lure that you could actually imagine yourself being lured by?
Likely to: Provoke a discussion on gender stereotyping on the Wyrd forums.


The second to last model to be released from Twisting Fates, and a very long anticipated release.
Likely to: Become Hoffman's new best buddy


It's massive. It's very very cool. But will it get enough use for people to want to buy it at $80?
Likely to: Be used as two very expensive Alt Hanged models

067 - House Painting 101

At the local club we recently all pitched in to buy a set of the small buildings from Sarissa Precision and we're all going to paint one up with a personalised sign.

Here's my effort, glamourously modelled by Perdita - slightly grainy photo but you get the idea:

Since the terrain is made of laser-cut wood, and already has the planks and grain marked on it, many people use it unpainted, and I suppose it is kinda the right colour already. However I think it looks much better once it's been primed and properly shaded and highlighted.

The lettering was printed off in the Guild font at the correct size, then painstakingly copied onto the sign. I'm glad I only had to do one building, because it took absolutely ages! I think I'm the first person to finish my building, (despite having it sitting around my house for a couple of months!) so when I take it along next week it'll hopefully incentivise the other guys to get one painted up.