Wednesday, 3 October 2012

072 - Filthing it up for the GT

I'm starting to get excited about the Malifaux Grand Tournament 2012, which will be in less than a month on the weekend of the 2nd/3rd November. I wasn't able to make it to last year's event but from what I heard it was the event to go to last year, and it sounds as though there will be loads of fun stuff going off over the weekend alongside the main event. At time of writing there are 46 people signed up, and it's expected to go to around 60, so it'll be the biggest tournament I've attended thus far!

My plan was to try and get my Gremlin crew finished off in time for the tournament. This is the same Gremlin crew that I was planning to have painted for last November, but that still isn't done. In fact all I've done on it since this time last year is painted Ophelia and the other LaCroix at the start of this year. The Bayou Gremlins, Mosquitoes, Pigapults, Slop Hauler, etc, as well as So'mer himself, remain untouched in my figure case.

As a result, it isn't going to be feasible to paint enough Gremlins to field a fully painted crew for the tournament. I know that the rules pack doesn't stipulate painted models only, but I hate using unpainted models at the best of times, and especially at a tournament, and especially especially at the Grand Tournament!

As for my other crews: Seamus hasn't done too well for me in a competitive setting this year, although I have a few models ready to paint (namely Dead Rider and some Night Terrors) that might alleviate that for his next outing. I don't have enough experience of playing Dreamer post-errata. Pandora put in a good show at a tournament in York a few weeks ago, and she's always reliable, but I'm getting a bit tired of her now.

So, which faction will I be playing at the GT? Here's a clue. Look what arrived in the post today from Firestorm Games:

If I said that I was only buying them to take them out of circulation and do everyone else a favour, would you believe me? Yea, didn't think so....

So yea. Sorry, but I'm gonna be "that guy" and filth it to the max in November, but then I promise that I will be retiring Neverborn from competition for 2013.