Monday, 3 February 2014

088 - Tale of Malifaux Bloggers - Part 0

Welcome to the first in a series of blog posts charting my progress as a contributor to the Tale of Malifaux Bloggers. Otherwise known as #ToMB (formerly #SecretStuff), the aim of the project is to get a crowd of bloggers and other miscreants to keep a running diary of the process of starting a new crew over a period of six months or so. We all have a different Master in mind, and we all have a monthly budget - it's going to be a lot of fun!

I've decided that the time is ripe for some ninja action, and I've opted to begin a Misaki crew.

Misaki is the leader of the Ten Thunders organisation in Malifaux, where she is responsible for ensuring the wishes of her father, the Oyabun who remains Earthside, are carried out to the letter. Few are privy to the detail of the Ten Thunders' overall ambitions, but it is becoming apparent that they have infiltrated their agents into all the other factions of Malifaux and are poised to take a major role in upcoming events.

Misaki herself is a relatively simple Master on the face of it. She has a long stick and she pokes people with it. Very hard. The Ten Thunders faction contains a plethora of high-cost elite models, but with Wave 2 hitting our pdf-readers next week, some lower cost minions become available to round out the faction nicely.

The cool thing about Misaki (apart from her being a death dealing female ninja), and what led me to pick her over other potential Master choices, is that she ties in nicely with my plans for 2014, namely the "Year of the Rainbow". My resolution for the year is to use all seven Malifaux factions at different events over the course of 2014, and to do so in rainbow colour order. Lucky for me then, that Misaki is a dual-faction Master, meaning that when she is chosen as the crew leader she can be nominated as either Ten Thunders (Orange) or Outcasts (Yellow) - giving her a wide variety of hireable minions to choose from, and being able to pull double duty for #YotR

Recent months have seen a few people in the UK Malifaux community pick up Misaki and paint her and her crew in some exciting themes - it's going to be an interesting challenge to see what I can do to compete with their incredible themed basing.

Join me again soon for #ToMB: Part 1, where I'll be explaining my initial purchases for the crew, and getting glue all over my fingers.

Tale of Malifaux Bloggers is a group project in which a small group of players document the process of collecting, painting and playing with their new Malifaux crews over a period of several months. For further information, check out Episode 10 of Chasing Bacon or the introductory post on Play it Like Beatdown .