Friday, 17 May 2013

080 - Checking In

Once again, it’s been a while - sorry about that!

Malifaux 2.0
I don’t need to tell anybody that Malifaux 2.0 is looming ever closer. Only 2 weeks to go until the open beta starts and we get a flood of information – not only the new core rules but the cards for a significant proportion of the range will be revealed in their M2E form. I can’t wait.
The announcement of the new edition has thrown a bit of a spanner in my Malifaux plans for the year though, primarily because I’ve suddenly lost my motivation to paint metal models, now that I know that many of them will be replaced by new plastics. Therefore everything I said a couple of posts ago is kinda moot.
Instead… Mei Feng will be pushed to the top of the pile and be the first plastic box set I work on, which should give me something to play for the next few months. I’m really really hoping she’s included in the Ten Thunders section of the first book, otherwise I won’t be able to play her in M2E until September…
If she isn’t though, that won’t be an issue. Pandora and Seamus will come back out the case for beta testing and I’ll be doing my bit to make sure that the former hasn’t been nerfed *too* much as a reaction to her perceived current OP-ness, and the latter doesn’t get *too* powerful in an attempt to compensate for his perceived current lack of power. I’m excited to see how both my favourite Masters look in the new version, and don’t want to see them lose any of their current character.

I applied last week to join the ranks of the Henchman, and was pleased to be accepted. Getting involved in organising events in the local area, and building interest in the run up to the new edition is going to be a lot of fun, but challenging at the same time. As well as a bit of work at the local level, I’m starting to gather some thoughts around running a tournament at some point in Q3. Watch this space.

On the very same day that my Henchman application was accepted, I managed to pull a 3rd place result out of the bag at the recent tournament in York, using Perdita in all three games! Talk about a good day in gaming! As my first ever podium finish I was incredibly pleased, so I’ll try to throw up a post with some brief battle reports next week.