Wednesday, 13 April 2011

014 - Madame Sybelle, Mistress of Pain

Here's a close up look at the finished Madame Sybelle, my first Ressurectionist model.

I took some time over the highlights on her PVC clothing to try and make it look different to just normal black cloth. The highlights are quite extreme and linear and there's practically no blending. For her skin, I didn't really pre-plan the colour, I just slapped a green wash over Dwarf Flesh and then re-highlighted with Elf Flesh. I think it looks suitably rotting, and the white eyes make her look nice and zombified.

I'm quite happy with the base, which was made with a chopped up paperclip and some Green Stuff that I scraped into with a pin. I don't have much sculpting experience so the result is a little choppy. Although a cobblestone base insert would probably give the same effect and look tidier overall, I like the fact that my bases will have that unique touch.

So, what do you think? Does she float your boat?



Brian said...

Very nice.

Mark Handford said...

I like it! The monochrome scheme works well for her, and you did a great job on the base.

winter said...

Looking good. I found her a hard model to paint as I didn't know what to do with her...

Ash said...

Really nice paint job, it's given me some ideas how to paint mine which has been sat on my desk taunting me for a few weeks. Awesome base to!