Wednesday, 21 December 2011

042 - O Breach-side Town of Malifaux

O breach-side town of Malifaux
Where Seamus trusts to fate
By hiding from a Guild patrol
Beneath a sewer grate
Yet in the darkness lurketh
A Teddy, black and white
The monstrous bear will find him there
And spill his blood tonight

The spirits of the restless dead
Are gathered all above
Her victim sleeps, while Kirai weeps
Inflicts her vengeful love
She summons forth Ikiryo
Emerging by the bed
Without a pause its razor claws
Her quarry’s flesh will shred

"O vessel, pawn of Malifaux
Come seek us so we may
Cast out your soul and enter in
Reborn in you today”
We hear the whispering voices
The ancient Tyrants tell
O come to us, be one with us
We’ll send this world to Hell.

Merry Christmas Everyone!


Victoria said...

Love it! Merry Christmas!