Monday, 20 February 2012

050 - Ophelia Second Thoughts

I had a lot of fun with Ophelia at the Harrogate Icebreaker tournament last weekend. She performed well against Perdita in the first round, helped by me drawing the Red Joker into my hand on three of the six turns. Nino, Santiago and Perdita herself all took a Red Joker to the face.

Unfortunately she came up against serious opposition in rounds 2-4, in the form of Pandora, Hamelin the Plagued and then minion Hamelin (accompanying Nicodem). Probably three of the nastiest things for a Gremlin crew to come up against and they were all queuing up to give Ophelia a kicking.

She gave it her all, but ended up narrowly missing out on a draw vs Hamelin and losing the other two games convincingly.

My first games with a Slop Hauler proved him to be worth his weight in gold in keeping the Dumb Luck shots coming thick and fast (thanks for the recommendation Dom!), and I got some great results out of Rami who one-shotted Nicodem with a very dumb and very lucky shot.

I think I have an effective anti-Hamelin the Plagued tactic (hide from his ratty death-star until it gets closer, then run around it to reach your objectives behind him, popping off a few shots as you run past for a distraction.

I currently have no plans on how Pandora should be dealt with though. Low WP across the board and low WDs mean that it takes much less than "one thousand cuts" to make your gremlins die very fast indeed. The paralyzing power of Coppelius (automatic on WP 4 Ophelia) is also something that doesn't have a great counter.

I'm a little disillusioned with Ophelia as a competitive master due to the ease in which an opponent can put a hard counter in their crew to make the game an uphill struggle for her, but that may be due to the fact that it was common knowledge at the tournament that I'd be using gremlins.

I'm looking forward to using her again at the Doubles GT next month, but I don't think that she'll have a long and illustrious competitive career after that. We shall see.


ukrocky said...

Mike have you thought of Pigapult with Stuffed piglets for vs Pandora?

LiamCoupland said...

Don't forget pigapult and papa loco, infact anything that you can get that doesn't target.
Also chucking a gremlin into b2b so you randomise the hit and if you do hit the gremlin cheat high for the blast and 2 damage is a lot on an 8wd master like Pandora

mike3838 said...

Thanks for the tips guys. I'm going to expand into the Pigapult mainly for Som'er but I think it's too much of an investment for Ophelia cos she can't hire Pigs in her starting crew so needs to bring the Taxidermist and create them somehow.

Really liking the sacrificial Gremlin tactic though! Having enough of them might be the only worry lol

LiamCoupland said...

You can also fling Ophelia, while you can't cheat you can soulstone it, dom pulled it off to great effect yesterday.

If you've got Somer you could always just spam get yer bro for sacrificial gremlins, doesn't just work for gremlins I used 2 witchlings as sacrificial bombs to blow up next to Collette to make her sac her stones, helped me get an 8-2 win.

Somer, ophelia, ravage, pigapult, slop hauler and 5 bayou gremlins with a 4ss cache would be what is use at 35ss