Tuesday, 6 March 2012

053 - Gremlin Reinforcements Ahoy!

Here's a couple of shots of two recent additions to the ranks of painted Kin - Rami LaCroix and Pere Ravage. I love how the piggy theme pervades Ophelia's crew even though they're a strictly Som'er crew feature and she can't hire them herself.

At first I thought that the 3D glasses were an anachronism, and put them in as a joke, but a bit of research later and I was surprised to find that they were invented by Wilhelm Rollman in Leipzig in 1852!

These guys still need a few reeds sticking on the bases to finish off, but unfortunately my wallpaper pasting brush has gone missing!


Henry's Tat said...

these look great!

Sholto said...

One of my favourite crews, this one. Love the Kin.