Thursday, 24 January 2013

076 - 2012 Resolutions Review

So, time to see how I measured up to the resolutions I set myself at the start of 2012…. Brace yourself for disappointment!

1)       Paint 60% of my Malifaux collection – FAIL

Currently I’m sitting at 46% painted, which is less than I had this time last year! I’ve drastically neglected the painting side of the hobby in 2012, and I’d be surprised if I painted more than 20 models all year. This has to change.

2)       a) Keep Objectives front of mind, b) Make every activation count, c) Keep a record of all games – SEMI-FAIL

My performance in the Rankings in 2012 left a lot to be desired. This was partially down to attending only two ranked events, and partially down to performing poorly in both of them. I don’t feel that my ability at the game has improved over the last year. I’m still making silly errors that usually cost me the game, and I’m starting to realise that at a competitive level these errors are reliably exploited by my opponents. I have tried to apply a) and b), but I don’t feel that they have led to an improved performance. As for c), I do have a full record of all my games which shows me that for the year I have 19/2/23 W/D/L record. Winning almost half my games gives one picture, but my main two Masters for the year, Pandora and Seamus, have only a 31% and 33% win record respectively.

3)       Complete construction of a gaming table & terrain collection and use it to run demos at an event – FAIL

My scenery project stalled early in the year, but I did attempt to revive it shortly before Christmas. I didn’t manage to run any demo games in 2012, but I have signed up to run a demo table at Vapartnak in a fortnight (albeit not on my own board)

4)       Blog Progress – FAIL

I’ve neglected this blog for two long stretches in 2012, which is partially due to reduced play time. Without getting regular gaming and painting time in, my motivation to come here and post has taken a hit. My web-browsing time/attention has also been eaten into by other interests that have developed in 2012. Also completely lacking has been progress update blog posts, which I put down to increased participation on Twitter in 2012, where progress photos and feedback come much more naturally. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but I think I could use the two formats in combination in a more effective way.

My 2013 Resolutions are along the same lines.

 1)       I’m going to be retiring my current main crews for 2013, so this will drive me to *have to* paint a lot more this year. I’m therefore going to take another stab at my 60% goal by the end of the year. I also want to win a painting prize this year. My current work in progress crews are probably my best work to date, and I've been told that I usually miss out on Best Painted awards by only one or two votes. This year I'm really going to push the boat out.

 2)       My gaming resolution will be to take three different Masters to tournaments in 2013. And by different I mean completely new Masters I haven’t used in a competitive setting before. I’ll be aiming for mid-table placings, rather than the lower positions I’ve been achieving recently, with a stretch goal of finishing in the top 5 for at least one event. I believe this to be a realistic and achievable aim.

 3)       I *will* finish my gaming board this year! Blog posts will follow soon to show the progress I’ve made so far.

 4)       I’m going to put aside some designated time every week to work on this blog, which will hopefully mean that there won’t be the same long gaps in posting from time to time. On Twitter, I will aim to post something with the #MiniatureMonday tag on a weekly basis. They may not be finished models (although it’d be nice if they were!), but at least they’ll be work in progress pieces. This should tie back to my painting resolution and improve my motivation to get through my pile of models.

See you back here again - same time next year!


Eusier said...

Nice to rad your resolutions! They will strengthen mine. I will be there this year to view your blog, and progress towards your goal :)

mike3838 said...

Glad to have you along Eusier!

What resolutions have you set yourself?