Tuesday, 19 February 2013

078 - 2013: Year of the X

I decided at the end of last year that I would be retiring my current Masters from competitive play in 2013. That means no Pandora or Seamus, and probably no Neverborn at all. They've served me faithfully (although not particularly effectively recently), but it's time for a change, and they'll be missed.

I'm therefore left with a tough decision of what to progress for the rest of the year... Due to a complete lack of focus I've managed to get several projects half completed but not enough of anything to make a complete crew. My choices basically boil down to:

1) Gremlins
I'd intended to get a Gremlin crew completed for the GT 2011 (I know!!), but it didn't materialise and 18 months later most of my Gremlin models are still unpainted. I did dabble in the green-stuff at the start of last year, and even took Ophelia to a tournament (where she got total 3 pastings out of 4 games, but let's not go in to that again) back in March, but never got around to finishing the faction off.

2) Guild
I'd had a Perdita boxed set knocking around for quite a while, and finally got it painted last year, along with a couple of additional minions, but I've only ever used them in games once or twice. A couple of reinforcements would be all it would take to get them tournament ready, and the skeleton of an Ortega crew is fully painted already, so I have a base to build from.

Latest work-in-progress
3) Arcanists
I've wanted to get a Rasputina crew done for a long time, and I painted an Ice Gamin as a test piece recently, and really enjoyed it. I have most of the crew bought and assembled, but there's a lot of painting to slog through before they're tournament ready. Mei Feng and Kaeris are also appealing, giving me some nice expansion options.

Complete except for the hands, and snow on the base

After ruminating, cogitating and digesting the above for a while, I've decided to set myself the following goals:

A) Get the Guild tournament-ready in time for an event in March. There are two tourneys happening relatively locally (one Harrogate, one Sheffield), and I'll be able to get to just one of them, and I'm hoping to be able to paint enough additional minions for Perdita to be a viable Master choice

B) Post-March, get to work on Rasputina's crew, with a view to taking her to a tournament in the summer. There's a lot of work to do, and I've decided to really pull out the stops on the crew painting-wise, so this could be a challenging goal.

C) Take the Gremlins to the GT, or another tournament towards the end of the year. This is another large project, but I really do want to give the little greenies the table time they deserve.

Three crews in a year I hear you say? It can't be done! (Well, apart from those of you who paint a crew a week. Or 5 crews in a week....). It might be a little unfocused, but what was it they say about the "spice of life"...?


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