Monday, 2 December 2013

083 - Year of the Rainbow

Wow- my last post was July? Really? And only 9 so far this year? That’s unbelievably shameful.

I’ve just returned from a nice holiday feeling plenty refreshed and excited to get back to playing this lovely game of ours. Hopefully if I get writing now I can get some blog-mentum going through into the start of 2014.

First let me preface this post by giving due credit to everyone’s favourite penguin-onesie wearer Mr Craig Johnson who came up with an idea on Twitter a couple of weeks ago:

Simple and elegant – six words that encompass an entire year of buying, modelling, painting and gaming. I love this idea, so I’m mercilessly stealing it and dubbing it Year of the Rainbow.

Richard of York gave battle in vain.

Guild 10T Outcasts Resurrectionists Arcanists Gremlins Neverborn.

(Yes I know there’s no Brown/Gremlins in a rainbow, but since all the others work, and Gremlins are only pretending to be a faction anyway, we’ll all agree to let that slide…)

Taking seven factions to seven events is going to be a bit of a stretch in terms of hobby time. In theory I'm already over half way there. Model-wise I can currently field reasonably flexible crews for Guild, Resurrectionists and Neverborn, I could let Lynch represent Ten Thunders for once, and I have an Ophelia boxed crew that I could use at a punch for Gremlins. No Outcasts or Arcanists though, painted or otherwise.

In practise though, I don't want to just stick with the same metal crews I've been taking to tournaments for the last couple of years - so I'm going to want to buy new stuff, and with me being on a plastic only diet from now on, my options (at least towards the start of 2014) will be more limited.

Also worth noting that getting to seven events over the course of the year is around double what I achieved in 2013, so hopefully I'll find myself with a few more free weekends. Looks like the first event of the year will be Vapnartak in early February, which gives me two months to settle on a crew and paint it if necessary. If I'm strict with myself and stick with the order of the rainbow colours, I'll be needing a Guild crew.

Anyway, now that I have an excuse to buy new toys, it’s time to start planning which Master(s) I want to use to represent each faction…