Monday, 13 June 2011

017 - In which Pandora gets pumped full of lead

I had a really fun game against Adam (Soul Miner) at the club yesterday, where he brought the full force of the Ortega family against Pandora. The full write up of the game can be found on Adam's blog.

I made a silly mistake of putting my master in a vulnerable position, and she got annihilated in a storm of gunshots from Perdita and Nino, swiftly followed by a headshot on Teddy, and I couldn't recover from that.

I did learn a few things though which I'll be bearing in mind next time I face these hijos de putas!

1) They are defending on a WP of 8... so that's my main advantage out the window. I'm used to having at least 1 point of WP over and above whoever I target. This will make Incite/Pacify chains harder to pull off, so I'll have to get sneakier, and make sure that the WP duels I do win count for as much as possible. Leading to...
2) Bring more Sorrows. They will get sniped early on, either directly or as human shields for Pandora. I can also use them to maximise my Emotional Stress damage.
3) I'm burning through my cards too quickly at the start of the turn. Twice now, Teddy's been killed by an insta-death attack because I've got nothing in my hand to discard.
4) I think it's time I got a Doppelganger painted up. Never having the initiative hurts too much.

Watch out Adam - Pandora will return!



Adam said...

It really was a fun game and I think we both learned lots. I love this game!

winter said...

The Ortegas can really, really dish out some hurt. If you pull bad cards against the Guild there is often nothing you can do to recover as you will be forced to burn your hand which puts you at the mercy of the headshot.