Tuesday, 14 June 2011

018 - The Iron Owl Trophy

Just a quick plug for The Iron Owl, which is a painting competition that will be held on August 6th at the Leeds Wargaming Center. It's being organised by Wayne of the Night Owls club who, being a Golden Demon standard painter himself, wants to promote the creative side of the hobby within the local area.

There will be at least two prizes, one awarded by the judges and another for the winner of a public vote. A variety of stuff is on offer to be split between the winners, including models from the Malifaux, Kings of War, Infinity and Warmachine ranges.

There are no categories, just one big Open competition. I've already made a start on my entry....

If you live anywhere close to Leeds, you might be interested in popping by and either entering yourself or having a nosey at the work of what are bound to be the most talented painters in the area.