Friday, 26 August 2011

026 - First game vs Nicodem (The Invincible)

Last week I discovered just how resiliant Nicodem can be.

Although I won the game comfortably (in fact for Turns 5 and 6 it was Nicodem on his own versus my entire Pandora crew) it quickly became apparent that he was never going to die even with every one of my models trying to take him down.

The reason? A horde of Mindless Zombies surrounding him which he could sacrifice in order to negate any attack against him. Fighting through the zombies was impractical, as he would just resummon them in the following turn from the corpse counters they left behind.

I know now that choosing the Assassinate scheme against Nicodem would be a bad idea! It also gives me some incentive to get my Nicodem painted up, as he's been sitting in my figure case for months ever since I picked him up cheap on eBay. He'll make a nice brawl partner for Seamus (whose also noted for being rather tough to kill!)

Other highlights of the game:

Mortimer dying after hitting himself 3 times on the head with his own shovel.
The Dead Rider running away like a little girl then getting clobbered by Coppelius.
Lelu obviously forgetting to sharpen his claws before the game, meaning he failed to cause any damage in 3 activations of strikes, including letting a Mindless Zombie escape unhurt.
Pandora coming worryingly close to getting crushed by a summoned Flesh Construct before a Sorrow came to the rescue with a timely Paralyze.

I've also now given myself a personal scheme for future games of Pandora vs Nicodem. If the chance comes up, my aim is going to be to successfully cast Reanimator with a Sorrow, after Linking it to Nicodem - just for comedy value of course, and to see the look on my opponents face when I turn all his Mindless Zombies into a Flesh Construct or Rogue Necromancy under my own control.... Mwah ha ha ha....

Ok so it needs a 17+ with 2 crows to cast, so the Sorrow needs to cheat in a crow and burn a Soulstone and hope for another, but it'll be worth it when it happens! It didn't work out this game, but there will be plenty more chances to come - a few people at the local club have said they'll be grabbing Nicodem for themselves once the incredibly cool Avatar form is released.