Thursday, 4 August 2011

025 - GenCon broke the Internet!

I've been trying to get onto the Wyrd website since I got up early this morning but it's running at the speed of a crippled snail. A crippled snail carrying several large bags of shopping, who just placed a bet with a sloth that he wouldn't be the first one to get home. More often than not the website just gives up and doesn't even attempt to load the page!

It's now 1pm here in England, so the Americans will be just waking up. I expect that means the problem is going to get even worse for the rest of the day. Very irritating considering that Wyrd will likely ship orders out in the order they were placed, so I'm slipping further down the queue with every hour, translating to potentially weeks of delay getting my hands on the new stuff.

Given the recent announcment regarding the increase to postage costs, my shopping list has gotten much smaller. I figure for the Avatars and Alts I can happily wait a few months til they're released through normal channels. I do however really want to get my hands on the Limited Edition models, so I want to place an order for those as soon as possible.

It surprises and disappoints me that Wyrd didn't anticipate this initial surge and put something in place to increase bandwidth temporarily.



The Dark Templar said...

Couldn't agree more Mike, this does seem very short sighted given the excitement building up on the forums over the past few weeks.

I got in late last night and had a sneaky look to see the new Perdita – wish I hadn't bothered as it took ages to get to the page and after all that the mini is awful. Ah well.

I'll be staying well clear of the Wyrd website for the next few days

OldManMyke said...

Agreed 100% It took me around 6 hours to get my order done and dusted, once I got to the checkout page and it lost my cart! Did persevere though and eventually got my order done. Frustrating morning though.

mike3838 said...

Well the site is now useable, except for the fact that it doesn't work on smartphones. I'm on my iPhone and it's impossible to put a county in the State box of your address - all the options disappear from the list and it won't let you continue with the order without the box being filled.

Unfortunately due to Virgin Media making a balls up of our Internet activation in the new house, I don't have access to a proper Internet connection. Looks like I'm gonna have to join a library just to place this order! Getting ridiculous now Wyrd!