Friday, 2 September 2011

029 - D'oh! GenCon delivery missed!

Unfortunately I was at work this morning when they brought my package, and the girlfriend was sleeping soundly and didn't hear the postman! Hopefully I'll be able to pick it up tomorrow.

DateTimeLocationTracking Event
02-09-201109:48Leeds DepotDelivery attempted
02-09-201100:53Leeds DepotLoaded to vehicle for delivery
01-09-201112:59National HubReceived and processed
01-09-201108:55International HubForwarded for UK processing
01-09-201108:50International HubReceived in destination country
25-08-201106:41Delivery Agent - MIAMIForwarded for export
23-08-201117:38Delivery Agent - UNITED STATES AMERICACollected from customer
01-01-198006:55Heathrow AirportReceived in destination country

As you can see, my parcel somehow made a short trip to the year 1980 which may have slowed it down a bit, but it's now safely back in the present day!

I'm actually quite impressed with the speed the order got to me. I was expecting it to be well into September before I received anything, so I'm pleasantly surprised! With a bit of focus I might be able to have Nightmare Teddy ready to eat some face at the Leeds tournament next weekend...



The Dark Templar said...

Was your parcel sent via courier or just regular old first class?

My package seems to have fallen off the wagon on the way somewhere on route!

mike3838 said...

I went for the more expensive option yea, something like $35. It ended up being delivered via Parcelforce. Was your order number lower than mine, #9527?

Presumably if yours is first class you won't have any way to track it past Miami?