Sunday, 18 September 2011

032 - Painting Update & My Workstation

Not much of an update today, just thought I'd share a work-in-progress picture of what I'm currently painting, and give you a behind the scenes look at my workstation.

I'm currently working on Gremlin models, and painting a mix of So'mer Teeth and Ophelia models. Here's Ophelia with her base complete and some initial work on the Henchlady herself. The Bayou Gremline is complete and only there so I can make sure the colour schemes stay consistant. I think I've already failed though and need to go back to Ophelia's shoes to make them a more muted brown, so that the crews tie together visually.

Here's some pictures of the rest of the stuff that crowds my painting workstation. It's only an extremely tiny portable table with wobbly legs, which I use to paint in the living room in front of the tv. I don't really have a permanent space to go and paint where I could spread out a bit more and be able to keep things tidier, because I prefer to sit and paint on the sofa and keep the girlfriend company.

Filling up the space at the moment you can see various other Gremlin models, including some almost finished flying piglets. Also in the queue you can see Nightmare Teddy that I've made a start on, a half finished Shikome, and a couple of Doctor Who models that I'm assembling ready to teach the missus to paint. I made her a Doctor Who diorama (Matt Smith, Karen Gillan & the Tardis) last Chrismas which she really liked, so they seemed like a good choice for her to have a go at painting her first models.

The wet palette and water jar take up a lot of space, and when painting in the evening I often try to squeeze a posable lamp on the table too, so space is at a premium! Tools and paints wise, I try to keep most of my stuff in a box behind the sofa and only pull out colours when I need them, until gradually the table gets filled up and I pack them all away again until needed.

Well there you go, a bit of an insight into my living room. Hope it was of interest!



Maniple said...

Nice work on such a little space. I routinely fill up three desks with my projects. (on a side note, I see you have a link to my old blog address, the lower crypt. The name has changed to the old link no longer works. Cheers!

Goggles said...

I wouldn't think there needs to be much tie in between Ophelia and the gremlins. Ophelia is more human-like, so her style and feel would be more 'mature' than that of the bayou gremlins who would wear a mush mash of discarded clothing. I'd love to see one in a dress, looking so proud of it's acquisition!