Sunday, 1 April 2012

055 - Molly is the one for me!

I tried out a Molly Squidpiddge-led crew yesterday and I was very impressed indeed! She has such amazing synergy with her crew that it makes up for the fact that some of her abilities are sub-par. After lookkng at her again, I genuinely now think she could go toe to toe with Hamelin, Chompy, Kirai etc and come out on top.

For this reason I've decided to make Molly my exclusive competitive Master for the rest of the year. Move over Pandora, there's a new girl in town!



Anonymous said...

I'd be interested to know what synergy you find there to be. In theory if she has the synergy you find to be true then she should also be a power combo with Seamus, which I'd argue most people don't find to be the case.

Aside from her Extraordinary Dead aura, what synergy are you finding with Molly?

mike3838 said...

Sorry, that was an April Fools post!

I'm still yet to use Molly - from what I've heard tell, it seems she would be fun to play in a fluffy Seamus list, and be a good combo with his Avatar in a larger game, but I'm unlikely to take her to any tournaments, and certainly not as the acting Master.


Victoria said...

I am absolutely intrigued by this. I adore Molly, but I just can't figure out how to play her. I will be watching your posts eagerly!

OH... just saw this was April fools. BAH!!!!