Tuesday, 24 April 2012

059 - Ortegas Assemble

Yesterday I put the finishing touches to my 5th complete starter box, adding Perdita to the list of Pandora, Seamus, Dreamer and Ophelia. Here's the gunslinging gal herself:

I'm especially pleased with the skin and face (unfortunately obscured by her hat) and the speed at which I got her painted - only 3 short sessions. You couldn't tell by looking, but her hat is actually cast from Greenstuff after I lost the original, from a mould kindly donated by Demonn Agram from the Wyrd boards (thanks mate!).

Here's the crew in full:

I have a few additions to paint up to get me to 35ss, including an Austringer and some Guild Guard. I'm also looking at the new Latigo Pistoleros for additional bodies and I'm looking forward to giving the crew some table time.


Henry's Tat said...

These look great! congrats!

Chris said...

Nice work Mike. They look as good as your Seamus crew. Looking forward to seeing that aSeamus painted up.