Thursday, 7 July 2011

022 - Unfocused minion painting

My painting has been a little erratic in recent weeks, with lots of projects on the go and far too many models in my painting queue. Here's a few of my recent efforts:

Some Guild Ortegas. The plan is for these to be my other demo crew, along with Seamus. I've already got a friend looking for an intro game, so the rest of these are quite high on the priority list to get finished.

A couple of Neverborn that I painted a few weeks ago for a tournament. They work nicely with Pandora, and they'll fit perfectly into my future Dreamer crew too. The rest of the unpainted Neverborn I currently have are shifted to low priority.

Lastly here's the first test model for my next main crew. This is also the first real test case for my upgraded painting equipment and my first ever base insert. I'm really happy with the results! The plan is for a Gremlin crew to be ready for the UK Grand Tournament in November, so there's a long way to go yet. However given my painting speed, and the number of models required, I think Gremlins also need to be high priority!

Watch this space for more pictures soon(ish)!


DarkTemplar said...

Really nice minis – love your Ortegas.

What is the green colour you've used on the Neverborn? I really like how vivid it is.

Talking of Ortegas, I have a crew I'm currently building. Papa Loco has two separate bits – one is his head, what is the other bit? For the life of me I can't identify what it is or where it goes.

mike3838 said...

Thanks for the feedback :-)

The green colour is base coated GW Jade Green (not sure if this is still in the range?) highlighted by gradually increasing Bleached Bone. I've tried to use a bit of Jade Green on all my Neverborn as a unifying colour.

As for the extra bit... I'm not all that sure myself. I *think*it's meant to be a dynamite stick to attach either to his belt or planted in the ground. I ended up leaving it off in the end.

Adam said...

The extra a bit is a dynamite stich which goes in his mouth. However I opted not to use it and instead used a bit of pva and baking soda to make him drool.