Friday, 15 July 2011

024 - Nightmare Teddy: Now with 50% less cuddly!

No Avatar news this week I'm afraid. Instead Wyrd have leaked pictures of two of the Limited Edition figures that will be up for grabs at Gencon.

I've been really looking forward to seeing the new Teddy since it was revealed that he would be one of the Nightmare models this year, and the big reveal doesn't disappoint!

Some musings:

1. Wow!
2. That is one seriously tall model!
3. He seems more... real looking than the regular Teddy model, which some might say is a negative point for a model that's meant to be a dream/nightmare. For me though I think it's an improvement over the slightly cartoonish original. That's not to say the original isn't great, just in a different way.
4. I think using both normal and nightmare Teddies together would look strange. They're completely different styles of sculpts.
5. This will probably mean I retire my current Teddy and grab two nightmares (maybe...)
6. This plan is made all the more apt by there being two different heads and an alternative (currently unseen) arm.
7. My wallet has already started crying.
8. Why hasn't the alt arm been shown yet? I suspect he'll be carrying something amazingly cool and Wyrd are holding it back as a surprise. Giant carving knife to match Kade's, maybe? Or even a nightmare Kade himself, being carried along by his giant cuddly pal?
9. He's much leaner than expected, but I'm happy with that. He looks like a scraggy old teddy bear that's been mistreated, with half his stuffing mostly fallen out.
10. Not sure if he will suit a panda colour scheme any more - I fear if I try that he may come out looking like a skunk!

Also pictured alongside Teddy is Miss Deneanor, the new alt Convict Gunslinger, who will be taking the place of Miss Pack for 2011/2012. It's not yet known if she'll be packed as a random rare drop in X% of crew boxes, or if Wyrd have different plans for making her available after Gencon.

I'm undecided on this model. She looks pretty cool in a Tomb Raider sort of way, but she's too modern looking for me - I'd have preferred something a little more Steampunk. Looking at her alongside the recent female Desperate Merc, I'm a little worried at the direction Wyrd are taking with female miniatures recently. They just seem to be of a style completely alien to Malifaux, so fingers crossed it's not the start of a real trend - I have high expectations for alt-Pandora and don't want her spoiling!