Friday, 8 July 2011

023 - More Avatar Shinyness! (Viktorias and Som'er)

The leaks and previews continue to show up on the Wyrd forums in the run up to Gencon. This week saw preview wallpapers for the Viktorias and Som'er Teeth Jones, as well as a teaser of a new Lady Justice concept. Other teasers were also leaked into "smilies" (small pictures that can be used in the middle of a forum post) which gave us a glimpse of the Avatars for Rasputina and Lilith.

At my gaming club we'd already called the form that these two masters would take as their Avatars. The Viks as a duet on a single base (although I'd never have expected them to get so bloodthirsty or for the sword to triple in size!) and Som'er riding a warpig (Peaches is such a lovely name for a warpig don't you think?) were both easy to predict.

Less expected were the forms for Rasputina and Lilith:

I was already leaning towards Rasputina for a future master and this Avatar just reinforces that. A giant Ice Golem encasing her is an amazing concept and looks like it'll give her some speed and combat punch. Lilith I'm not so sure about - maybe it's the picture but I don't think I like it that much. In the words of James, "It's Lilith, naked, and lurching out of a tree". Not what a lot of people were expecting to see, but I can see some nice new synergies with Waldgeists emerging, and perhaps she'll be able to summon them who knows.

If Wyrd keep to this schedule I expect we'll be seeing two more Avatar wallpapers and a couple more preview smiley gifs before this time next week. Stay tuned!