Monday, 14 November 2011

037 - Painting Progress Update

With the end of 2011 fast approaching, I thought it would be a good idea to do a bit of a review of my year's painting progress and see where I'm at.

The goal at the start of the year was, as it always is, to only buy as many models as I can paint. Let's see how I did:

2011 Painted

The Dreamer
3 Sorrows
Baby Kade
Insidious Madness
Stitched Together

3 Belles
Grave Spirit
Punk Zombie
2 Canines

Papa Loco

Bayou Gremlin

2 Eden Bamaka Clan
3 Heresy Doctor Who figures

That's a total of 36 painted models, giving me average rate of 0.8 models per week to date. I'm actually pretty surprised that I've managed almost one model a week, as there have been a couple of months this year when it's felt like I've made no progress at all, especially recently.

As far as not buying too many models I have, as I always do, failed to keep to this plan, succumbed to shiny stuff syndrome and treated myself to way too many toy soldiers for my incredibly sluggish painting speed to keep up with. The current count is 48 unpainted or part painted models waiting to be made table-ready, including complete crews for both Rasputina and Somer Teeth/Ophelia as well as quite a big pile of Ressurectionist reinforcements.

Since this means I'm 43% through my current collection, I think a reasonable target for the end of the year will be to reach 50%. I'll need to paint 6 more models over the next 7 weeks - doable at my current rate, but with no room for slacking! I'll also need to make sure I don't buy any more figures, or if I do, that I get some extra painting done to compensate!


Chad said...

Wow I have never seen painting progress put into perspective like this. I really liked it.

However I am afraid to figure out what my breakdown would be due to the fact that I suffer greatly from the buy too many shiny toy soldier syndrome.

I just started getting into Malifaux heavily in September and have purchased box sets of Nicodem, Ramos, Rasputina, Seamus and Ophelia. Not to mention several clamshells to fill out crews and reinforcements. I have begun painting several models but have yet to finish a single model to my table standards yet. A pack of Guild Autopsies are very close though and should be done tonight for #miniaturemonday!

mike3838 said...

Hi Chad,

Thanks for stopping by! I've enjoyed reading your blog too - it's good to see another Malifaux blogger on the scene.

Sounds like an unfocussed start, but I can definitely understand the impulse to buy many different masters. I don't think there are any that aren't on my "eventual" shopping list. As far as games go, I'd recommend picking one master to focus on, at least at first. With several on the go it can get hard to remember all the synergies and get the most out of your crew.

Has to be asked also, but what's #miniaturemonday?

Chad said...

Well I have at least been focusing my play with Nicodem and his crew with various supporting casts. So I have done that right so far if nothing else as I dive into Malifaux head first. LOL

#miniaturemonday is a twitter thing. Its a hashtag used to share miniature painting and modeling on Mondays.

Back to the original topic I have to admit I really love the models of almost every faction but the main reason I have purchased so many different masters to start is I tend to be the one to get friends into games so I try to get several options to gaming systems for people to try out. ;)

Victoria said...

Oh! You've probably figured this out by now, but I saw that no one commented on what Molly is holding. Its the head of Philip Tombers!