Monday, 28 November 2011

040 - Dreamer vs Trigonometry

A scene from one of my practise Dreamer games last week:

Lelu and the Sorrow (standing in for a Daydream) are meant to prevent him getting targeted by being within 3". Unfortunately, Ian's clever positioning of his Ronin meant that Dreamer was in melee range but the Nightmares were just out.

Under attack from Pythahoras' Theorem itself, Shadowy Form wasn't able to protect him. With only 1 Soulstone in his Cache he succumbed to the Ronin's attack, and with Chompy already heavily wounded the Ronin was able to kill him when he appeared, in a single activation too!

Lesson learned: Positioning is key for Shadowy Form. Dreamer should be slightly behind other Nightmares, in a kind of circular arc formation. Also don't pull Chompy directly towards a Daydream while he's stood on top of a high rock!



Nix said...

I try to keep nightmares on each side of Dreamers base. If a model CAN reach another nightmare, then shadowy form works. I use my stitched for that.

i_was_like_you said...

You'd think a Ronin would have no business knowing Trigonometry, but this one's not just a sword-swinging, gun-slinging chica. She's also a pool shark.