Wednesday, 16 November 2011

038 - Off Topic: Carnevale

You’ll have to forgive me for straying “Off Topic”, but I discovered a game yesterday that may be of interest to Malifaux players.

Carnevale is a new skirmish game from new company Vesper-on Games, set in an alternate Venice in 1795 (ie. around 100 years before Malifaux), where a rent in the sky pours magic over the city. With most of the population dead, the survivors fall mainly into 4 factions:

The Patricians are the Venetian nobility but, corrupt as they are, venture onto the streets to commit acts of brutality on the peasants, with the city guard in tow.

The Ospedale is a cabal of doctors and alchemists who experiment on the Venetian citizens and wildlife that they can capture alive, including the inspired “remote control rhino”

The Rashaar are an ocean dwelling Cthullu-type demonic race that have emerged from the deep to enslave humanity.

The Guild is, unlike the Malifaux Guild, a group of thieves and assassins, who actually appear to be the good guys, protecting the peasants from the ravages of the other factions.

There are some very nice models in the initial range, and the setting is pretty unique, however I’m not sure whether it might be too similar in feel to Malifaux for me to pick it up as a side game.

For anyone interested, the Rulebook and model stats are available for free on Vesper-on Games homepage

While I’m Off-Topic, it’s worth mentioning that this week I played an intro game of Eden against Adam, my Bamaka Clan vs his Jokers. It was a fun little game, and we both really like the post-apocalyptic setting so this is likely to get the occasional play now and then, but there’s nobody else locally playing it, so we will see.


Chad said...

I'll keep an eye on this and see if it picks up some steam. This is definitely the first I have heard mention of it so far.

Another one I am interested in checking out which gets talked about frequently at my local shop here in the states is Hell Dorado. I guess most of us are just looking for more english language support before pulling the trigger on it. LOL

mike3838 said...

Yea there seem to be skirmish games pouring out of continental Europe in droves, with varying levels of English support. Eden is French along with Helldorado, Carnevale and Infinity are Spanish, and I'm sure there are many more.

I'm not seeing any of them replacing Malifaux as my favourite, but I might start dabbling in one or two of the others. It's a shame because they all have great minis and interesting settings, but it won't be possible to play them all

Chad said...

Well I kind of feel the same way as far as the dabbling. I think that is because I am a fan of miniatures in general even if not the gaming system attached to them.

I have nothing against purchasing some models to paint up even if I don't ever play the game. LOL