Wednesday, 1 August 2012

067 - House Painting 101

At the local club we recently all pitched in to buy a set of the small buildings from Sarissa Precision and we're all going to paint one up with a personalised sign.

Here's my effort, glamourously modelled by Perdita - slightly grainy photo but you get the idea:

Since the terrain is made of laser-cut wood, and already has the planks and grain marked on it, many people use it unpainted, and I suppose it is kinda the right colour already. However I think it looks much better once it's been primed and properly shaded and highlighted.

The lettering was printed off in the Guild font at the correct size, then painstakingly copied onto the sign. I'm glad I only had to do one building, because it took absolutely ages! I think I'm the first person to finish my building, (despite having it sitting around my house for a couple of months!) so when I take it along next week it'll hopefully incentivise the other guys to get one painted up.


Lord Shaper said...

Looks good! I have some of those myself but I haven't painted them yet.

You'll have to post how you painted them so I can see if I can pull off the same thing heh