Wednesday, 1 August 2012

068 - Storm of Shadows GenCon Releases Compilation

Just wanted to throw up all the GenCon preview pictures in one place, split by faction.


Only available as a free addition to every individual order over $100 made at GenCon or from the Wyrd webstore during GenCon (August 16th - 19th).
Likely to: Be the go-to first Death Marshall model hired in every Guild crew in the future.

Even rarer - good luck getting hold of this if you're not a Henchman! Only available to some Henchman who've done a specified amount of events to support the summer Dead Heat campaign.
Likely to: Cost the GDP of a small country to buy on eBay


A kindred spirit to Papa Loco and Pere Ravage, who definitely wins the prize for bringing the most explosives
Likely to: Survive very few games

The latest species Gamin, and an unexpected one - it's great that they're all individuals too. Now taking bets for Book5... Stone Gamin? Feather Gamin? Cheese Gamin?
Likely to: Combine into the Rail Golem at the first sign of trouble

One stonking great big Metal Gamin. Basically he's a walking train, and he seems deadly.
Likely to: Be able to look Nightmare Teddy eye to eye. Then headbutt him.

Until we find out what these guys can do, they seem a little generic. Hopefully Mei Feng has some unique tricks up her sleeve. The scenic base she comes with is incredible. Yay for plastic!
Likely to: Be everyone's second choice crew after Dark Debts


Dapper Master + Gigantic Totem + Gribbly Minions = Absolutely Sublime.
Likely to: Be the crew *every* opponent uses in *every* game you play for the next few months

Ever wondered what happens when a Mindless Zombie and a squid get it on?
Likely to: Leave a slimy mess trail.

A big bouncer type, so I'm expecting him to have some bodyguard type abilities. Looks nice and beefy.
Likely to: Have synergy with Mr Tannen

If I wrote his rules, the coin rolling on the back of his hand would mean I'd design some sort of ability involving 50/50 chance. Someone else wrote his rules though, so who knows.
Likely to: Have an ability involving 50/50 probability

Could these be the first models with (1) Lure that you could actually imagine yourself being lured by?
Likely to: Provoke a discussion on gender stereotyping on the Wyrd forums.


The second to last model to be released from Twisting Fates, and a very long anticipated release.
Likely to: Become Hoffman's new best buddy


It's massive. It's very very cool. But will it get enough use for people to want to buy it at $80?
Likely to: Be used as two very expensive Alt Hanged models


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hoffman cant hire lazuras