Tuesday, 7 August 2012

069 - Evil Baby Orphanage Kickstarter - Not Long Left!

It's now been a couple of weeks since Wyrd launched their Kickstarter appeal for their new card game Evil Baby Orphanage. As I write this the total stands at almost $96,000 which is around eighteen times the amount originally requested! There's still 7 hours before the appeal closes though, so plenty of time to hit the final stretch goal and earn everyone an Evil Baby Plushie!

I'm brand new to Kickstarter - I'd never been on the site until being linked to this project - and I've found it fascinating to browse the various innovative projects looking for funding. Some seem very worthy, others less so, but they're all doing their best to develop a dedicated community of supporters to get their project off the ground. It definitely makes you spend time wondering whether you have any seeds of ideas that could be realised through that kind of channel, and I can see myself supporting more projects in the future.

Evil Baby Orphanage itself looks very interesting to me. The concept seems like it will have the perfect blend of humour and accessibility, and the artwork we've seen so far has been dripping with character. The main game will include at least 50 babies, with more to come in two future expansions.

The rules have been released and they appear nice and straight forward, which is ideal as this is a game I can see being played with non-gamer friends and family.

The massive haul of additional gear I'll be recieving as part of the Kickstarter includes limited edition cards, a poster, a book, a carry case, a new fate deck and *three* models to use in Malifaux as alts for Kade, Candy, Copycat Killer and Desperate Mercenary (all of which I can see myself using in games!).

It's a great promotion, and there's still time to get involved and pledge before the appeal closes later tonight. Make sure to pledge at least $55 though so that you get all the extra promo goodies!